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Your ultimate destination for barbecue enjoyment and social gatherings.

Our almost smokeless BBQ grills promise unforgettable barbecue fun for every occasion – whether it’s for singles, couples, families or groups of up to 44 people. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary, modern ambiance and experience culinary delights of a special kind.

We combine Korean grilling techniques with the finest Swiss ingredients for a unique taste experience that will leave you amazed. Choose from a variety of delicious 3-course menus:

  • 3 starters inspired by "Regional & Seasonal" dishes.
  • 6 + 1 main courses, including "Meat 1 & 3," "Surf & Turf," "Surf," "Vegan," "Kids," and customized options.
  • 3 high-end desserts, lovingly created by our talented pastry chef, Daniele Orlando.

• 3 starters inspired by “Regional & Seasonal” dishes.
• 6 + 1 main courses, including “Meat 1 & 3,” “Surf & Turf,” “Surf,” “Vegan,” “Kids,” and customized options.
• 3 high-end desserts, lovingly created by our talented pastry chef, Daniele Orlando.

The special feature: You prepare your main course yourself on our grills, accompanied by 3 homemade dipping sauces and your choice of rice or french fries. Freshness and quality are our top priorities, which is reflected in every dish.

Discover our special evenings, which are in line with our event program and guarantee additional taste experiences.

To avoid food waste, access to our restaurant is only possible with prior reservation. If you decide to skip a course, it is, of course, possible, but this will not lead to a price reduction and cannot be compensated in any other way. We are happy to pack the course you have not enjoyed for takeaway.

We attach great importance to sustainability and energy efficiency: our grills are operated with environmentally friendly gas, and we use innovative high-tech heat pumps for heat recovery. This supports the hot water preparation for the properties at Bahnhofstraße 6, 8, 10, and contributes to heating the buildings at Bahnhofstraße 8 & 10, especially during winter.

Visit us at SIGN GRILL, where culinary adventure, the joy of grilling and sustainability go hand in hand. Reserve your spot and experience an unforgettable grilling journey. Let us spoil you and discover the fusion of Korean grilling tradition and Swiss culinary culture – a taste experience you won’t forget.

Reserve now and be part of our unique grilling experience!

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